Saison de Truite Update

The brett batch was fermenting away when I got home from work last night.  It has a much different smell than other beers I have brewed.  Less sweet more earthy.  You can smell it in the basement, but not upstairs.  I closed the door and turned on the fan so it should be ok.

I messed up a bit in splitting out the batches.  I measured out how much I put in the brett batch last night. They are new buckets and I neglected to figure out how much volume they held, i guessed 3.  They are 5.  So, I now have 4 gallons of brett beer and 8.5 gallons of the Saison.  Im not sure how the brett is going to turn out but right now I cant see adding more than .5 – 1 gallon to 5 gallons of Saison.  That would leave me with about 4 gallons of Saison and 3 gallons of Brett.  That second batch may be mixed 50/50 and I can bottle the rest I suppose.  Bottom line is that second batch may be supa funky.  I guess thats what experimental beers are all about.

Here is the label I have been working on for it. Still needs a bit of tweaking, but I like it.
Saison Label

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03 2007

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  1. sean #

    Brian, that is one awesome label. Did you make it yourself? I love that black background and then the trout on the line. Perfect.

  2. Jon #

    That label is great. It makes me want to retire.

    So did you build it? because if so… we really need to talk about my website.


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