Rye Recipe

I really need a good Rye Recipe, I have the Harry Knuckle Rye in my stable, which is a great beer but not exactly what I am looking for. I have been drinking the Hop Rod Rye from Bear Republic, which is simply amazing. Its got a great hoppy/malty balance, really a good beer. There are couple clones on that I have found on the internet which are worth pursuing. One from Ruthless Brewing (those guys need to get those images fixed hosted, its really cool to see others on their brew days….(Open offer to provide the image hosting)) looks great, I just may need to back the juice off a bit, id be curious to see how that one really turned out. Another from the boards over at Home Brew Talk called Humboldt Hop Rod looks really good as well. Im thinking the next beer beyond my wet hop will be a hoppy rye, I will say however that I need to brew a keg of something my wife will drink, perhaps another Wader Patch Wit is in order.

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08 2007

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